CAMELBAK Hydrobak hydration system backpack, 1.5 liter water bag, now only $36.00 

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This CAMELBAK Hydrobak hydration system backpack is designed specifically for cyclists and is a super lightweight backpack. It is equipped with a built-in water storage bag with a capacity of 1.5 liters, allowing you to replenish water at any time during riding. The back and shoulder straps of this backpack are made of large-area mesh material, which is not only light and comfortable, but also very breathable, which can effectively prevent discomfort caused by excessive sweating on the back. The backpack adopts a flip-top design, making filling water more convenient and faster. The main compartment has enough space to store your mobile phone, wallet and other personal items. In addition, the backpack also uses a reflective design to improve safety when riding at night. This backpack is an ideal choice for cycling enthusiasts, not only meeting your needs for outdoor sports, but also ensuring your safety and comfort.

CAMELBAK Hydrobak hydration system backpack

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