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This is a carefully designed skin care product, the main ingredients of which are PITERA™ and AHA (fruit acid), both of which are well-known effective ingredients in the skin care industry. PITERA™ is the core ingredient of the SK-II brand. It is derived from the natural yeast fermentation process and is rich in nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, and organic acids. It can help enhance the skin's natural repair ability, improve uneven skin tone, and make the skin brighter and firmer. AHA is a chemical exfoliating ingredient that can help remove dead skin cells, promote skin renewal, and make the skin look smoother and more delicate.

The method of using this toner is also very scientific. First, dip a proper amount of the product on a cotton pad and gently wipe the T zone (forehead and around the nose). This part of the skin is usually oily and more prone to clogged pores. Then wipe from the chin to the cheeks and then to the neck. This order helps to improve facial blood circulation and avoid irritation of the sensitive eye area. Use it after cleansing in the morning and evening as part of your daily skin care routine to help the skin better absorb subsequent skin care products and achieve better maintenance effects.

Since AHA is somewhat irritating, it is recommended to do a skin test behind the ear or on the inside of the wrist when using it for the first time, and then use it comprehensively after confirming that there is no allergic reaction. In addition, after using products containing AHA, the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays may increase, so sun protection measures should be strengthened after use during the day.

SK-II Facial Treatment Clearing Lotion
SK-II Facial Treatment Clearing Lotion

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