All-natural Queen Bee Organic Eye Cream, 1 oz/30ml, now available for only $18.86, with free shipping.

Purely natural Queen Bee Organic Eye Cream, 1 oz/30ml, originally priced at $49.99, now available for only $18.86, with free shipping.
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This eye cream is a very natural and safe skin care product. Its unique features are:

  1. Purely natural and organic formula: This eye cream is made from 100% pure natural organic ingredients, including organic olive oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil and organic shea butter, which are all known for their moisturizing and moisturizing effects.
  2. Added vitamin K: The product also contains vitamin K, which helps improve dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and brightens the skin.
  3. No Additives or Preservatives: This eye cream does not contain any additives or preservatives, making it gentler on the skin and reducing the risk of allergies or irritation.
  4. Obvious effect: After use, it can quickly and effectively remove dark circles, relieve puffiness and dullness around the eyes, while also diluting facial wrinkles and fine lines, and deeply moisturizing the skin around the eyes.
  5. HANDMADE: All products are handcrafted in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA, ensuring quality and uniqueness.
  6. Safety: Due to its safe ingredients of 100%, this eye cream is especially suitable for pregnant women and can be used with confidence.
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