Haribo Gummi Gummy Bears, 3 lbs., now only $10.48

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This famous German-made marshmallow is popular for its large capacity of 5 pounds. It is not only economical and affordable, but also meets the sweet needs of the whole family. It is refined from selected high-quality fruit juice concentrates. Each gummy contains a rich and pure fruit aroma, and has a rich taste. It has a full taste like fresh fruit, and a unique chewing feeling that is soft, delicate, and full of elasticity. It melts in your mouth and does not stick to your teeth. Both adults and children can enjoy the delicious taste.

This delicious fruit juice gummy is undoubtedly an ideal snack choice for sharing with family and friends at gatherings or for taking a nap after a meal.

Haribo Gummi Gummy Bears

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