Emergen-C Natural Vitamin Powder VC, 30 packs, only $8.43, free shipping!

Emergen-C natural vitamin granules VC1000mg, 30 packs, original price $12.11, now click on the page coupon and only sell $8.43, free shipping! You need to select the "Subscribe and Save" service when ordering. "Subscribe and Save" can be canceled at any time after the goods are sent according to the actual situation, and no additional fees will be incurred. 
Emergen-C natural vitamin granules, each box contains 30 packets, each packet contains 1000mg of vitamin C extracted from pure natural plants, without other chemical substances added. In addition, it also contains 24 kinds of nutrients, including 7 kinds of B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes, which are beneficial to improving immunity. Drink one packet a day to get the most significant effects of this vitamin punch. One box contains enough for one month, and you can buy more as needed after you use it up.

Vitamin Granules VC
Emergen-C Natural Vitamin Powder VC 1000mg, 30 sachets

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