Scotts mini fertilizer spreader, can be used to spread seeds, fertilizer, salt, etc. Now only $44.98, free shipping!

  1. Adjustable spreading density:
    • This feature allows the user to adjust the density or amount of spreading as needed, which is important with different types of fertilizers or in different soil conditions.
  2. EdgeGuard Technology:
    • EdgeGuard is a technology that prevents fertilizer from being spread outside of its intended area, such as onto driveways or sidewalks, which not only helps conserve fertilizer but also reduces environmental impact in non-target areas.
  3. Foldable handle:
    • This design makes the fertiliser spreader easy to store and transport, especially where space is limited.
  4. Multipurpose:
    • In addition to spreading fertilizer and seeding, these spreaders can also be used to spread salt and ice melt, making them ideal for winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks.

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