BELLA stainless steel 3-layer electric steamer, original price $44.99, now only $24.96

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This steaming vessel seems to be a very practical kitchen appliance with many convenient features, such as:

  1. BPA-free individual steaming container: These containers do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly found in some plastics and considered potentially harmful to human health.
  2. 1.2 liter water tank: This water tank with moderate capacity can meet the water required for one cooking, and the water level can be checked at any time through the transparent window to ensure that the effect will not be affected by lack of water during the cooking process.
  3. Generate steam quickly: This device starts producing steam in 30 seconds, which means you can start the cooking process faster and save time.
  4. Default menu: Including preset menus for heating, keeping warm, vegetables, chicken, fish, rice, etc., making the operation easier and even a cooking novice can get started easily.
  5. Timing and digital display functions: You can set the cooking time as needed and check the remaining time and current status through the digital display.
  6. Burn-out protection function: If the water in the water tank is exhausted, the burn-out protection function will automatically cut off the power to prevent overheating or fire risk.
stainless steel electric steamer
BELLA stainless steel 3-layer electric steamer

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