SONY WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, now available for only $228.00

The original price is $349.99, now only $228.00, free shipping.

  1. Newly upgraded QN1 HD noise reduction processing chip: Compared with the 3rd generation, the 4th generation uses an updated QN1 chip, which can process various audio signals more efficiently, including music, voice and noise. The processing power of more than 700 times per second significantly improves the noise reduction effect.
  2. Multi-microphone system: The 4th generation headphones are equipped with an advanced multi-microphone system that can more accurately capture and analyze environmental noise, further optimizing noise reduction performance.
  3. 40mm large-size driver unit: This large driver unit can provide richer and deeper sound performance, enhancing the layering and detailed performance of music.
  4. LDAC Bluetooth transmission technology and DSEE Extreme technology: The combination of these two technologies aims to improve the quality of wireless audio transmission and audio source restoration capabilities. LDAC technology transmits audio data at high resolution, while DSEE Extreme technology restores high-frequency signals lost during the compression process, providing a quality closer to the original recording.
  5. AI functions: The 4th generation headphones introduce AI smart functions, such as automatic playback and smart pick-free conversations. When it detects that the user is wearing the headphones, it automatically starts playing music. At the same time, it can also recognize whether the user is engaged in a conversation and automatically switch to a mode suitable for communication without manual operation.
  6. Battery life: Despite many technical upgrades, the 4th generation headphones still maintain the same 30-hour battery life as the 3rd generation, making them ideal for long trips or extended use.
sony noise canceling headphones
SONY Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

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